01. Alena DV's I Am Poem

I Am Poem
by Alena D.V.

Though often I am mourning,
And frequently thoughts are turned to my old dog,
That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a joyous bone in my body.
I love my family, I play with my friends.
I am faithful to my God, and I try to follow the rules.

Though often I am merry, that doesn’t mean that I’m not bad.
I should work with my emotions,
My temper likes to overrule my actions.
I should try to turn something awful into something superior.
I must think of ways to solve repetitive disobedience.

Though often I am happy or bad,
that doesn’t mean that I can’t go green.
I’m against pollution - It causes global warming.  
I’m against global warming - It causes holes in the ozone.
I detest trashed roads, for land animals are important.
I despise filthy waters, for sea life has genuinely great purposes.
I deride contaminated air, for birds, bats,
and insects are intensely significant.

Though often I have mixed feelings,
that doesn’t mean that I can’t dream.
I have a desire for my dog that died of heart problems.
I dream that America’s economy will be fixed,
and that the president will repair everything.
I hope that the world will come to peace,
and no more fighting will reign.

Often I grieve, often I’m blissful, often I’m green, often, I dream.