04. Ann S.'s I Am Poem

I Am Poem
by Ann S.

I am strong and determined
I wonder, Will this be it?
I hear the beating of my heart deep down inside
I see the bright red button almost within my reach
To the top is where I want to be
I am strong and determined

I pretend I am as light as air, and float to the bright red button
I feel the sweat dripping, my hands cramping, and my legs twitching
Reaching one rock at a time gripping and stepping, gripping and stepping
I worry that I will not make it
I am strong and determined

I know that life can be tough, but I will try and try again
I say, “Keep going, I can do this”
I dream day and night that I have made it
With all my energy and strength I continue on
I hope the rock will not defeat me once more
I am strong and determined