06. Christopher D's I Am Poem

I Am Poem
by Christopher D.

I am joyful and creative,
I wonder sometimes “what will the future be like?”
I hear music in the air like an invisible orchestra.
I see relatives and friends dancing with the orchestra.
I want to join them in the swinging of the dance
I am joyful and creative.

I pretend to be the hero of anything I play.
I feel like it is real and I try to do my best.
I touch a waterfall and the water dances with my fingers
I worry that sometimes the happy moments soon will pass.
I cry as the music stops
I am joyful and creative.

I understand where I come from.
I say where am I going?
I dream about musical notes floating in the air
I try to listen to the music in the wind.
I hope that this masterpiece never ends.
I am joyful and creative.