Sacagawea (by Jhoana F.)

by Jhoana F.

Sacagawea, a brave and daring woman
She got kidnapped as a little girl
by the Hidatsa Indian Warriors
She had to learn the Hidatsa ways
of cooking, living and more

The she was traded
to Charbonneau, a French man
Who was later part of the expedition
The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Sacagawea helped the white men in many ways
she helped find different foods
From places where mice had hid them
Sewed clothes from animal skin and fur
and helped lead the way

She risked her life and her baby
and crossed giant mountains
Then she got weak of sickness
That almost got her life

She was very joyful
On finally seeing her old tribe
Her brother was the Shoshone leader
Who gave the white men needed horses

No one knew where Sacagawea went
After she met the Shoshone again
But all I know is that she will not be forgotten
on the Lewis and Clark Expedition