Sacagawea Was a Strong Woman (by Maliah A.)

Sacagawea Was a Strong Woman
by Maliah Avie

Sacagawea was a strong woman
all the other men were strong too
but she was strong in heart

she was far apart from her family
Lewis and Clark could see she wasn’t excited
but she really was excited inside
she was at work even with her baby on her back. 

When the wave came she was all calm and her husband wasn’t 
And then the boat flipped over and she was risking her life
To get the most important stuff

She didn’t show her emotions 
If she was happy or sad
It took a long time to get across the river

She was getting close to death
And they told her to take a deep breath
Luckily she didn’t die 
because Captain Lewis brought mineral water for her

That is my description of Sacagawea