Sacagawea: The Journey (by Esther P.)

Sacagawea: The Journey
by Esther P.

We were filled with fear but I looked calm
I held Pompy’s hand on my palm
I was quiet as much as can be
Wishing we were there with the Shoshone

But then the boat rocked
my husband felt shocked
I put Pompy on my back
as I leaned to get many a sack
I was afraid I might fall
but from the water I saved it all

We were walking on our aching feet
without getting any needed sleep
but then hurray we finally arrived
my exhausted eyes felt so revived
but I was joyful as much as can be
to see the leader of the Shoshone

I stood there quietly trying to speak
afraid people would hear and go to sleep
And then came a voice from my heart
I was eager to speak in a strong heart

“I have come far
I am here to meet the star
It has been so long
I tried to be strong”
So the leader came along
and hugged me strong,
knowing I was home
from that day on
I can live in peace
for the rest of my life