2. The Dark Man (by Alena DV)

The Dark Man
By: Alena DV

The dark man strains
Under the weight of a heavy boat.
Dragging it through “The River Which Scolds at All Others”
Uphill the entire way.
The white men use him as a slave.
I don’t know why.
He is a strong warrior
With a natural hue
That we natives admire
Black as coals burning in the fire
Black, ebony face, working hard.
Strong as the Mighty Bear
Fighting through the trees
Like an ant,
Carrying many times his own weight
The white men look down upon him
Though he is mightier than they are
They treat him like a weak little twig
Though he is a strong limb, never to break.
They call him York
The Warrior
The Bear
The Ant
The LimbThe Dark Man