1. York (by Frankie R.)


by: Frankie R.

In the eyes of the Indians,

Revered as a kind of god,

In the eyes of the Americans,

A servant, nothing else,

Although his stories were entertaining,

They never appreciated his worth,

The Indians did however,

They all did.

They appreciated his skills,

Hunting, swimming and trapping,

His six foot tall stature,

And his dark brown complexion.

They thought of him as a warrior,

Bold, brave, and strong,

While his assistance to the expedition,

Made him an invaluable asset.

But however valuable he was,

The Americans did not recognize it,

For when he asked for his freedom back home,

Clark, his owner, would not grant it.

Scoffed at in the eyes of the Americans,

Respected in the eyes of the Indians,

No matter how he was remembered,

he will never be forgotten.