Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator: The Bones of the Holy by Nuala S. (1-26-12)

Book Review

Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator: The Bones of the Holy

Book Reviewed by Nuala Sanchez

Gilda a teenage girl in the book, Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator: The Bones of the Holy by Jennifer Allison is smart, funny, and witty.  She takes you through a mystery of her mother’s new, suspicious fiancee.  Gilda, her mother, and her brother, Stephen take off to St. Augustine, Florida too soon for Gilda to move on from her father’s death and meet her soon to be dad.  Her mother’s fiancee with a funny name, a creepy mustache, and an old house has secrets soon to be uncovered by Gilda Joyce.  She meets another psychic named Darla and Gilda helps her through her fears of ghosts.  This book is for you if you like an intense mystery.

Gilda finds out about her mother’s fiancee by finding a ring in her mother’s bedroom.  They headed to Florida for the wedding and Gilda meets Mr. Pook, her almost stepfather.  When Gilda, her mom, and Mr. Pook go to dinner at Mr. Pook’s former fiancee, Charlotte’s parent’s house, they uncover why Charlotte left Mr. Pook at the alter.  Her parents claim she skipped town with another man, but did she really leave or did something delay her trip forever? Gilda and Stephen find out the truth in the coldest spot of Mr. Pook’s kitchen.

Gilda’s curiosity sometimes gets the better of her with her prying questions, but she uncovers a clue despite it.  When she thinks of an intelligent plan she drags her brother along and her courage leads her to another clue.  With trouble at her fingertips, she stills comes up with a witty joke you’ll laugh out loud at.  

Mr. Pook, is an antique-loving, mistrusting,and mysterious man.  He is quite creepy towards Gilda and he has secrets he wishes never to be disturbed.  He shows a funny way of loving Gilda’s mother because he calls her Patty Cakes, short for Patricia.  He carries a guilt beyond Gilda’s wildest dreams.

Darla, a new friend of Gilda’s, is a psychic who is afraid of any ghosts she sees. She is very quiet and can get defensive about her fears.  In the end Darla was able to save Gilda and Stephen from what was almost an unfortunate event.  

This book is recommended for girls 9-15 years old.  If you like a laugh and an intense mystery, than I highly recommend this book.  You will probably like it because of it’s good story, like-able characters, and because it is hard to put down.  I hope you enjoy it... especially as much as I did.   

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