Museum of Thieves by Sarah A. (1-26-12)

Museum of Thieves Book Review

By Sarah Addison

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someday the world became overprotective?  Or if children had to live with their parents while wearing chains?  What if there was a museum that could keep the dark past alive? It all comes true in Lian Tanner’s Museum of Thieves.  The story begins in the future City of Jewel…

Goldie Roth (the protagonist) lived with her parents, being physically bounded with a silver chain, but at a certain age, children are unchained by the Guardians of the city.  When her separation day is postponed by a report of bombing, she flees from her parents and the Guardians wanting to be free that moment instead of waiting another year.  While escaping, she discovers a small office and shelters there for the night.  The next day she finds herself in the same spot but now it is a large museum called The Museum of Dunt.  She meets the keepers of the museum and inherits the skills needed to prevent the museum from using its dark secretive powers on the city.  But, before they can save the city, they have to save the museum from being put in the wrong hands of the Guardians of Jewel!

Goldie Roth, a young and smart girl does all she can to help and to learn of the dark secrets of the museum from the keepers and joins the team.  Toadspit, a young boy and a keeper in training; Sinew, a master in harp playing and spying; Olga Ciavolga, a wise lady who is knowledgeable and calm; Broo, a small black dog who is also part brizzlehound; Herro Dan, a man who is the most knowledgeable of the museum; and Morg, a friendly yet murderous slaughterbird:  They all accept Goldie to train as a keeper.  

You’re probably wondering:  “What are a brizzlehound and a slaughterbird?  What will happen to the Museum of Dunt?  Will the museum be put in the hands of the Guardians? Will Goldie become a keeper?”  As a matter of fact, a …er, I mean…you’ll just have to read the book to find out, but you should also read it if you like adventures and brave girls like Goldie.