The Philippa Fisher Series by Katelyn H. (1-26-12)

Book Review

The Philippa Fisher Series

Book Author: Liz Kessler

Book Review by: Katelyn Hampton

Genre: Fantasy

“No matter what you do, friendship will follow,” that’s what Philippa Fisher thinks until her best friend moves away.  Get ready to embark on a fun filled series the Philippa Fisher books.  Watch as the author, Liz Kessler, explains that no matter how lonely you feel there will always be friends to cheer you up.  From Tide Hill to a cabin in the woods, you will travel all over, even to ATC (above the clouds, literally).  These are great books that you will fall in love with on the first page, though these books will probably be enjoyed the best by girls age 8+. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did.

It all starts in the first book, Philippa Fisher’s Fairy Godsister, when Philippa’s best friend moves away.  They have no way at all to communicate.  The tree house was one of their favorite places and also where the magic in her life begins.  While at ATC (a fairy run system) is planning to send a new friend into her life.  Little does she know, Daisy (the fairy) has a “little” secret.  Philippa thinks Daisy is just a nice girl that wants to be her friend.  When Philippa is given 3 wishes she must decide what to wish for.  When the 3 wishes are stolen she needs to somehow get it back before Daisy’s time on earth is up.

In the second book, The Dream Maker’s Daughter, Daisy and Philippa are finally reunited (against the rules, of course).  Philippa actually meets a new friend, Robin.  Though Robin’s father doesn’t agree with them being friends.  When Philippa finds a dream catcher and Daisy says its magical two different predicaments arise. When Philippa finds out Daisy has been caught and is being held captive she doesn’t know what to do. Later Philippa and Robin find out some very surprising secrets about Robin’s mom that her father has never shared.   Who has Daisy and why?  What are the secrets about Robin?

The third book is probably my favorite, The Fairy Promise.  The stakes have never been higher.  When Daisy sees Philippa’s mom on the SRB list (the something really bad list).  Daisy tries to warn Philippa to protect her mom.  When Philippa follows Daisy out of curiosity, she accidently gets transported to ATC.  Everybody thinks she is a fairy.  To make things worse, she accidently turns in Daisy, but she was found out she was a human by the bosses.  The amber fairy has been stolen and it is Daisy and Philippa’s turn to save the world from a rip in time and space. In the process Daisy has to make a huge sacrifice. 

Unlike Daisy, Philippa is just an ordinary girl with a big heart.  She always does what is right and respects everyone’s opinion.  Philippa is quite shy and doesn’t like to be in groups because she feels she will just slow them down.  She doesn’t understand that an ordinary girl can go a long way.  In my opinion I think Philippa is my favorite character for her heart and love.

Daisy on the other hand is quite ambitious and mischievous.  She would risk it all to be able to be with her best friend Philippa.  Though just because she takes risks doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some brains.  She always is the one with amazing ideas.  She thinks she is just a fairy, little does she know she will become a lot more than that.

Even though this a great book for everyone I think this is more for people with an amazing imagination.  To all the people that are open to different ideas and make them reality in their heads.  Also this book is more for girls and will have you enthralled and not want to put it down.  I loved these books when I read them and I hope you have the opportunity to read them too.

Creative Book Project #1 - Poem

Philippa Fisher Poem

By: Katelyn Hampton

The Philippa Fisher series are good books,

in the story everything is not how it looks.

What looks big is small,

and what looks short is tall.

Just like two friends named Philippa and Daisy,

at some times they can be quite crazy.

Together they will be the other’s best friend,

forever, until the very end.

Daisy the fairy is the stubborn one,

but she always finds time to have some fun.

At first Daisy and Philippa didn’t get along,

because Philippa thought Daisy would be mean, boy was she wrong.   

At first Daisy had a reason to not like humans you see.

A human killed her fellow agent and friend, agent bumblebee. 

A little later when the assignment had already start,

Daisy had a sudden change ofheart.

Daisy wanted this friendship to be more than a job,

she also realized that before she was acting like a snob.

Daisy gave Philippa three wishes to use,

she could even use it to get a free cruise.

She changed her parents and she got people at school like her more,

and she realized how foolish she had been so she used her last wish to deleted the ones before.

Daisy has become quite clever, 

and wouldn’t leave Philippa ever.

Philippa is the one people like to tease,

people treat her like she has a disease.

Her one and only friend had just moved away,

so she won’t get to see her until they get together in May.

 When she first met Daisy she tried to be nice and not offend,

because she really wanted her to be her friend.

Though Daisy seemed to have a big secret she didn’t want to talk about,

and her real identity is what Philippa began to doubt. 

When Philippa found out Daisy was a fairy, 

she thought Daisy was a little scary.

Though they still became friend that would not part,

they were as close as two sides of a heart. 

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