Heritage Poem by Caitlyn A.

Heritage Poem

by: Caitlyn Alegria

I watch my father, 

I know that he feels my eyes piercing into his soul,

but he says nothing,

he continues to look at his opponent, 

my father makes movements to try to take the ball from his opponent. 

He looks at the ball and hits the ball out of his opponent’s arms, 

and he scrambles for the ball.

The ball is my father’s prey. 

My father is its stalker.

I watch my mother, 

as she passes by me. 

She goes to sit out, she does it slowly, 

as if there is something on the couch. 

she pulls out her books and opens them, 

she makes a face as if she was eating something that she didn’t like.

I know she rather be asleep. 

He books are my mother’s prey, 

and my mother, is its stalker (even if she likes it or not).

I watch my grandma, as she passes by me,

Picking up pieces of trash, 

trying to keep the house clean.

 She puts them in a trash bag, 

then into a trash bin. 

Later, I see her with her hands full of clean and dirty dishes,

She washes and dries them,

One by one, 

Slow, and calm.

The dust bunnies under the couch are my grandma’s prey,

My grandma is its stalker.

My family watches me, 

As I pass by,

I feel their eyes piercing into my soul, 

but I say nothing,

I continue to wash dishes,

After I am done, I walk over the couch, 

sit down, and pull out a book.

The very next day, I see the kids playing, 

playing on the basketball count, 

having fun.

So, I walk over and start to play, 

and run to the basket.

I throw the ball and I make the shot, 

everyone cheers.

I get my hobbies from my family, 

but not always,

 I use my own interests 

and their interests 

and put them together.

What they do, impacts on me, 

I watch them and they watch me, 

and we look after each other, 

forever and ever.