My Family Tree by Katelyn H.

My Family Tree

By: Katelyn Hampton   


 At first I didn’t know much about my family tree,

but that’s like saying I don’t know me.

My heritage comes from all over the globe,

though on most weekends you can find me in my robe.

If you don’t already know I am half Japanese,

I will say something in Japanese if you say please.

The Japanese half comes from my mom,

She is very nice and always stays calm.

When it comes to aunts my mom has such a large amount,

it would be a waste of time trying to count.

My ancestors thought that a girl was not as good as a boy,

the girl didn’t inherit anything, not even a toy.

Girls didn’t think this rule was fair,

but my ancestors really didn’t care.     

 “The boat was a nightmare”, some people wrote,

about their journey to America by boat.

Though life was not much easier there,

life here was actually quite a scare.

They found places where few snakes lurk,

they became farmers, it was hard work.

This went on for many years,                                                         

and many people formed oceans with all their tears.

I have an amazing personality.

Thanks to my heritage and family.

Most people would think it is really cool to be part samurai.

I just nod my head and sigh.

My family from now to long ago could do something.

Whether it is dancing or knowing how to sing.

My Dad’s side is combined with many races,

that come from all different places.

German, English, Native American, and French,

The list is as long as a park bench!

My Dad was named after Chad Everett,

which inspired his dream to climb Mount Everest.

Every fall,

He would watch baseball.

And when he was young he loved to run,

 and would play everything under the sun.

He had two siblings, one old and one young,

each talking to each other with an ugly tongue.

He loved the beach,

but by the end looked like an over ripe peach.

Dad’s jumbalaya,”Oh yum”,

As good as they come.

What can I do?

Anything I set my mind to.

I am me and me is the only one I want to be.

I really owe it to everyone in my family tree for making me, me.