My Heritage by Saakshi M.

My Heritage

by: Saakshi Matthew

My parents remember playing differently than I do today,

They remember playing with sticks and stones,

My mother liked climbing trees and sitting there with her books and papers,

My father liked kicking a muddy ball around or playing cricket

For my father his life was a race,

But for my mother her life was just one phase.

My parents remember doing different chores than I do today,

My father, his face filled with drops of perspiration 

as he cleaned the bathroom floor,

My mother, her face filled with frustration as she took care of her siblings,

My father, disgusted as he cleaned the toilets,

My mother, exhausted as she swept the front porch.

My parents remember having different things than I do today,

Without a TV, but with a radio,

Without any internet or computers, but with books, sticks and stones,

My parents grew up like this,

And sometimes I thank my God I didn’t grow up in their time.

My parents got married when they grew up and brought me and my sister to this world,

Coming to America was a big step for my family,

But I am so glad we chose California,

As I think about it I realize that my heritage is special,

And no one can change that,

Because it’s my heritage.