My Heritage Poem by David Y.

My Heritage Poem

by David (Keunwon) Y.

How was the life of my grandpa?

My grandpa was born in North Korea

He moved down to South Korea

The Korean War separated my grandpa from his parents

It was hard for him to leave behind the memorable moments

He left his parents when he was only fifteen

He lived alone but he was seen as a hopeful teen

He worked at day and studied at night

He prayed to God for a life with hopeful sight

How did he get the chance to believe in God?

North Koreans cannot believe in different gods from abroad

But, my grandpa’s grandfather became a believer

A missionary told my grandpa’s grandfather the best story ever

Because of his belief

He got to live a life of relief

I also tell people about God in Kazakhstan

I am willing to share about God even to people working at a barn

How am I going to live my life?

First, I will learn Bible more and more

Then, when the north and the south Korea’s unification is renown,

I will build a church in my grandfather’s hometown