My Heritage Poem by Wendy Z.

My Heritage Poem

by Wendy Z.

Who is my grandpa?

He is the sun that keeps me warm

He is my joy to my happiness

He is the toy I play with

He is the best toy I’ll ever have

He is my grandpa

Who is my dad?

He makes me strong because I am weak

He is the one that helps me reach the stars

He is strong as the war in 1980-1992

He is soft as a kitten in the inside

He is my dad

Who is my mom?

She is the proud to my proudness

She is the best thing I’ll ever have

She cares for who she loves - family

She is proud of me and my brothers

She is my mom

Who is my brother (middle brother)?

He is the laugh to my laughter

He annoys me till I blow my head off

but, I still love him as big as any galaxy will go

He is my brother

Who is the newest addition to our family?

(youngest brother)

He is the cute in cuteness

He is my adoration!

You’ll fall in love with him when you set your eyes on him

He is my green-eyed brother

Who was my grandma?

She has died

She was loved by everyone where she had lived

I cried a river when I heard the bad news about grandma

She had died

Who am I? 

I’m a mixture of my family

I am a gallon of music  (I get it from my grandpa)

I am a pint of cooking many kinds of Salvadorian foods (from my mom)

I’m a half gallon of sweetness (from my grandma)

I’m a whole pint of funniness (aunt)

1 ounce of annoyingness (middle brother) 

All I’m trying to say is 

My family is one of a kind

and special to me