My Parent's Legacy by Saakshi M.

My Parent's Legacy

by Saakshi Matthew

 Born in Kerala, known as God’s own county

Surrounded by ocean, coconut trees, rice paddy fields

My grandma groaned in pain as the midwife pulled out twins!

My dad came out still and small

Grandma gaped in horror amidst her pain

as the midwife announced the stillness of the other babe.

He cried and kicked and cooed

Soon he was a little boy playing soccer

And flying kites; 

He loved hot rice and fish curry

Naughty he was and got spanked a lot!

Four brothers they were 

So life was always chaos and noise

In the northern part of India, foothills of Himalaya

A girl was born 

Quiet yet stubborn

She loved to climb trees 

And hear the birds chirp

Being the oldest,

Quickly she learned responsibility

Four young siblings she took care

Not complaining but with peace she worked

She loved and wanted to be loved like a child

Both of them, unknown to each other,

Studied hard

Made friends

Dreamt of marriage

Grandparents arranged their fate

They were united as strangers

And fell in love

Dad said, he fell in love the day he saw my mom

My mom says that her dad knew the best

They both loved and laughed

Invited us, sisters, in their lives

With love they teach us

With toughness they discipline us

With words and actions they disciple us

The mantra in our house are

Love others

Walk in justice and mercy

Follow God’s Word

They sacrifice so we have plenty  

They work hard so that we can learn

They face obstacles so that we are stronger

They smile when life strikes them so that we know the value of suffering

They continue to dream

Not for themselves but for the legacy they leave in and through us!