I Am Poem by Katelyn H.

I Am

by Katelyn Hampton

I am different, unique, but mainly I’m me!

It’s like everyone is a tree.

No tree or person is the same,

even if they have the same name.

I am different, unique, but mainly I’m me!

I am different and unique.

I am quite strong, not weak.

In my head music plays and people dance,

to songs of mystery and romance.

The songs are about books I have read,

that still plays in my head.

I am not like most children,

that don’t know where in life to begin.

I, on the other hand, know my place,

I am not just a speck in space.

I am different and unique.

I am me!

No one can change that so let me be.

Everyone is different in some sort of way,

No matter how they act or what they say.

I am not lonely like some people think,

If I could I’d wash my brother down the sink.

Though like most people I love to read,

it’s like you are acting a show and your part is a lead.

It is also like planting a seed in your head,

you can even do it in your bed.

It starts out the size of your toe,

but as you continue to read it starts to grow.

I love my family with all my heart,

so in god’s game we call life I will play my part.

Through the good or bad,

to feeling happiness or just plain sad.

I will follow god’s recipe,

and fulfill my destiny.

I am me!

I am unique and different that is true you see,

but in the end I am just me.