I Am Poem by Brendan D.

I Am Poem

by Brendan Duong

I can be creative.

I am whatever I want to be.

A brave, valiant knight in glistening armor armed with a sword,

Or a wise or devious wizard with an old staff.

I can do the impossible and dream the undreamable.

I can think of the unthinkable and make the unconstructable.

I am creative.

I can be independent.

I am a loner and I don’t enjoy working together.

I do things my way and not other ways.

Alone and only having my dark shadow accompanying me,

Walking and playing with myself and no one else.

Hate to get help even if needed,

I think I can do things alone and still succeed,

I am independent.

I can be persistent,

I am constant and assiduous.

I won’t give up without a fair fight.

Nothing can penetrate my walls of determination.

Push myself to fight on,

Never give up and believe you can finish.

Struggle yourself to the top of the peak,

I am persistent.

Creative, independent and persistent are the colors that describe me.