I am Poem by Pepper C.

I Am…

by Pepper Campbell

Me, I am like a shooting star,

everyone can not miss me,

I stand out with my hair and eyes, 

clothes and words,

yet I do not stand out in a bad way,

I stand out as a shooting star, a wonder to all.

Me, I am like a magnet,

always pulling things close,

in this case people.

I will never release what I grasped,

I have many friends and family I love,

I pull like a magnet, never letting go.

Me, I am me,

like a shooting star, like a magnet,

I stand out. 

I always accept a friend,

I’m special in my own way,

I’m kind and love everything,

I stick out, and am a wonder to all

Me, I am me, no mystery.