I Am Poem by Saakshi M.

I Am Poem

by Saakshi M.

I am the ocean waves,

Rising and then dropping, again and again, 

making loud crashing sounds.

Making high and low tides.

I am the wind racing the world, 

flying faster and faster until I can fly no more 

and I hear the beating of my heart loud in my ears.  

I am trying,

Trying to cross the finish line,

trying to climb the mountain to see the valley on the other side.

I am trying to find light,

trying to find hope, in this darkness.

Sometimes I am very frustrated with my life.

With my clothes, with my hair, 

my sister, my parents, with my friends, with...myself.

I feel like an invisible cloak locks me up. 

I try and try to get out, it’s no use.

I am imaginative,

I can get trapped in a story of a book,

or lost in the jungle with a piece of paper I have written on.

For me, my life is a book,

my life is just a written story on a piece of paper,

I treasure that book and paper.

I am spirit,

a free spirit,

a brave spirit,

a hopeful spirit,

an imaginative spirit...


I am!