Memories by Katelyn H


by Katelyn H.

I see the rice crops so deliciously sweet

You can hear the little birds go tweet, tweet, tweet

I keep a watchful eye out for the terrible beasts

As I fish for fish to accompany the feast

When I was a youthful child, you see

I loved to play and sway in the trees

My beloved grandmother so old yet strong

Everyday for her seemed to last so long

At the opera we watched the Flatterer so evil and bad

Also the faithful one so hopeless and sad

My grandmother married a man that was quite weak

This happened after about 12 weeks

My grandparents went out to eat

When a rascal threatened them with his dangerous feet

As the chopsticks disappeared from grandfather’s hands

my grandma used powerful elbows as fast as sand.

The blow was so powerful he slid across the floor

though he was not ready to go out the door.

So he was foolish and went back for more

and once more he ended up sprawled across the floor.

My grandfather is very respected now

most people greet him with a bow.

Years later we thought grandma had grown ill.

My mother found her in her bed very still.

She would not move from that bed

then we knew for sure she was dead.

I still remember that day.

I wish she had not gone away.

Though I know I must go on

and I can’t bring back what is gone.

I always planned on going back,

but I didn’t understand the cost.

Now I can never go back to the land I lost.