Memories of a Boy in Vietnam by Gawon L.

Memory of a Boy in Vietnam

by Gawon L.

A boy was born in Vietnam

He used to watch the buffaloes

He wanted to be a teacher

He traveled to the lowlands

He was planning to return

When war disrupted him

The land was lost to him forever

His grandmother was strong

She could carry a heavy load of food

When she was eighty years old

She liked to see an opera

With the Faithful One and the Flatterer

When she was young

Grandfather was alive

He was shy and didn’t laugh

One day in the restaurant

Rascal started yelling insults

Which didn’t make any results

He grabbed the chopstick

Then he got a hit on his cheek

Grandmother beat him up

Everyone was delighted

Grandfather treated well

One morning she got up early

She climbed up a little hill

Gazed at the fruit trees planted

That evening she wore a dress

She didn’t want to get disrupted

When she was found dead in her room

Looking as if she was sleeping