This is My Story by Sylvie B.

This is the Story

by Sylvie B.

This is the story of a home.

A small hamlet in the highlands of Vietnam.

Of the monkey bridges spanning the trench.

About the slope of mountains that lined them.

The story of the farmers and hunters.

Filled with hogs, horse-snakes, and more.

This is the story of heritage.

Of a grandmother who defeated a winner.

The grandfather whose voice was a light wind.

A father that teaches as well as hunts and farms.

The tale of a grandmother who loved to be a heroine.

A life filled with melodies from operas.

This is the story of traditions.

Of the trees that were born with every child.

The day when naughty children got away.

Bad luck when seeing the “Faithful One”

Good luck when seeing the villain.

This is the story.