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I Know - Alissa B.

I Know 
By: Alissa Bonilla

I know
I know it will happen 
I know it is coming 
As long as I know it will take 
As much hard work I know it will be 
As many rejections I know I will get 
As many tries I know it will take 

I know it is there 
And I know I will get there 
There is something still there inside of me 
that needs to be let out 
And I know it will 
On a stage with a microphone I know I belong 
With my set, my costume, exactly how I made 
With my dancers, my backup singers, my crew 
Performing music I made 

And I told you…………… I knew 
I knew it would happen 
I knew it wouldn't just come 
I knew I wouldn't just watch 
Watch it all pass by 
I knew I had to get it 
And I knew just right 
I had faith, I believed, and I knew