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Heritage Poem - Ali A.-S.

by Ali A.-S. 

My family comes from the U.S.A
From Gavelston to Longview to San Francisco to Monrovia 
Our family is scattered
We have mountains of family
I could talk about a lot of people
But lets start with my dad's side

My dad comes from southern CAL, Pasadena
Man I just love it when the family beach trip comes along 
50 or more get together and bond under the superb sunset 
We sit around the fire, laugh, tell story's, Bar-BQ
Our ties are stronger than an elephant
It's just amazing

I'm also muslim
We celebrate Eid and Ramadan
Fasting reminds us to be grateful
Shakoor means appreciative
We are named for this
My grandparents converted to Islam in 1969 
Our spiritual journey began then

My mom is from up north, San Francisco
She comes from a family of proud Texans
Fields, stretches of land...our land
Every other year we have a family reunion
And tons of family come "home" to Longview, Texas 
It's called the Lucas Family Reunion
We do this thing called the Lucas Family Talent Show 
I'm gonna drum this year

When my mom's "Papa" died each of the grandchildren got one of his hat's 
My mom got his straw fedora
These are our family heirlooms
I'll wear it one day
And look good too
They will be passed on for generations to come

There are things that I don't like
Or how we sometimes have to choose 
Either family reunion or beach trip
No family is perfect
But I get the best of both worlds
So you can see the scientific formula here 
Mom + Dad = Me!