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Heritage Poem - Alissa B.

My Family and Heritage Poem 
by Alissa B.

My family is from all over the world
I believe I’m different because my family 
was from many different Hispanic countries
My heritage is from all over

My grandparents on my mom’s side came from two different places
My grandpa was born in Cuba and came to America by a plane when he was an adult
My grandma is from El Salvador and she came by foot when she was also an adult, 
so her kids could have a better life
But she remarried and had my mom, here, in America

My dad and my other grandparents are from Guatemala
My grandparents came by foot, but they brought my dad by a plane
Life brought my grandparents lots of challenges
And all the rest of my family came to America along with them, 
either if it was by plane or foot

I think I inherit a lot from my grandparents on my mom side
I think I’m very fierce and determined, yet sometimes scared like my grandma
My grandma is as strong as the waves in a hurricane, 
as scared as a chicken, and as a determined as a tiger
I also think I’m as smart, intelligent, and sincere as my grandpa
He is very good at making decisions and convincing people of what’s right
But mostly, he is a very kind, sweet, comforting, and sincere person
I feel I inherit a lot of things from my family, that makes me, me

I’m not exactly from one
But my heritage has made me one
We maybe not all the same heritage specifically
But we all come together and form...