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Heritage Poem - Aria H. H.

My Family Poem
by: Aria H. H.

Caring and loving,
Cheerful and faithful,
Those are the aspects of my parents
My parents are a couple
Who fit perfectly together,
They are like chains,
Clinging and loving each other

Loud and noisy, musical and talented,
That explains my brother
He’s as calm as the ocean breeze,
Rough as the ocean seas,
Yet being with him,
That’s the moment to seize

Soft, kind, loving and gentle,
There, you just pinpointed my grandparents
Yet I can wander and wander,
But only one I can see,
I remember the time,
That I could see three

I am full Chinese,
Norwegian is my Mom,
A mix is my Dad,
And that’s where my family is from

Our family is like a paint pallet,
Mixing and mixing to make new,
We are also like a tree,
Dropping seedlings to make quite a few

Every person in my family,
Brings something special,
To make us unique and wonderful