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Heritage Poem - Jordan W.

My Colorful Rainbow

by Jordan Walker

The United States is made up of cultures & and ethnicities from all around the world. Many people migrated and continue to migrate here for a better life, some had no choice. Because of the many cultures and the melting pot America has become many of the people in the United States are now mixed or multi-racial.  I am a product of this mixture. I have many races that make me so colorful and different. This doesn’t mean that I am weird or awkward; it just means that I have the best of both worlds and am me and luckily no one can change that. 

My heritage is as colorful and bright as a poppy field stretched around the globe. My father is Jamaican a West Indian. Yes and islander. As I slowly drift into a sleep that’s hard to wake from I remember stories about the struggles and good times he and his 9 siblings had growing up in a 3rd World country. I know it must’ve been hard. All though he is Jamaican he doesn’t have dreadlocks and say “Mon” every other word. But, continues with his cultural ways and beliefs.  Being part Jamaican always has the picture of the waves hitting the beach and instantly pulling away. My father is strong like a bull and always charging in the right direction.

My mother is mixed like a beautiful rainbow setting in the sky for all to see. She is mixed with Irish, German, Italian on her Mother’s side and American-Indian, and African-American on her Father’s side. She’s able to cook Italian food & Soul food like no other. She was co-raised by her Grandmother who taught her to be kind and gentle like a rose yet she was raised in NY and can sometimes be feisty like spicy curry. She can brighten a person’s day with just her smile.

All this is in me, what makes me who I am, forming together, creating all these beautiful colors of the rainbow. We have a mixture of traditions, sports selections and dishes. I would describe my family as fun, healthy, energetic and determined. Some people in my family are clumsy, mainly me, many are artistic, others are comical. Many of these things are the roots of our family tree. We have dips in the road sometimes with uncles and aunts but when we look back at all of those things everything is okay.  We are family and love and support each other. That is what makes up my family- my colorful rainbow!!!<3