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Heritage Poem - Manoj B.

My Fathers Heritage Poem

By: Manoj B.


My heritage is big and strong but the strongest is my dad.

He is cool, adventurous, joyful, jolly, brave, and most of all he’s my father.

His eyes are as bright as a star in the black, dark night.

He’s as calm as an ocean in a calm, peaceful day.

He’s a brainy computer person and helps with everything

such as with music, math, science, and with my homework sometimes.

His brain is as sharp as a fully grown, perfect scientist’s brain.

He is musical just the way I like it.

I call him musical because he helps me learn violin.

I can always thank him about how wonderful a father he is to me and to my brother.

This is why he is the strongest part in my heritage.

A million thanks to delightful father.