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Heritage Poem - Natalie M.

My Family Poem
by Natalie M.

My family is unique
All together we are more powerful than Hercules

My dad is my dad
Embarrassing as can be
Buzzing in my ear like an annoying bee
but I will always love him as long as he can see me
He is as smart as Albert Einstein
My dad is my dad

My mom is my mom
Dancing and grooving in front of my peers
It actually is one of my fears
Then she yells and makes me scared
She does not see all the tears
but she comes for me as loving as can be
My mom is my mom

My brothers are my brothers
Exactly like me, strong and robust
Friendly but very annoying
They are like strong metal trying to protect me
They will always be caring
They will always be loving
My brothers are my brothers

And at last there is me
I am aggressive
I am quick like wind
but I am not always perfect
if you have met me you probably know I’m sneaky
I am me

We are German, Armenian, and we have a lot of other things
We are many things
but most of all my family is my family