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Heritage Poem - Tyler H.

My Family Poem
by Tyler H.

My family is the
main part of me.
Nothing comes before
it. It would feel
like I lost my soul
if I ever lost my family.
My heart would tear
apart, my body would vanish,
and my life would be

My family is unique.
some are as shy as a
new kid at a new school.
Some are as bold as a
lady wearing a very colorful
dress. Others are normal
and mellow and don’t
make a big deal of anything.

My family is caring. They
take care of me when I’m not
Feeling so well. They help
Me when I’m struggling
with something. They
help each other.

My family struggles.
Struggles with financial Problems,
death by loved ones,
and losing loved ones in wars.
But, we still keep going.

My family is the best.
They’ve helped other people.
Gone through frustrating times.
They’ve kept going like there is no

I love my family.