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Heritage Poem - Xiomara M.

My Family Tree
By Xiomara M.

My mom…
Is as gentle as the night breeze
She is calm in times of trouble,
She is responsible.
She did not choose to care for me.
My mom can do anything she sets her mind to.
She is very productive
She can live through a civil war in El Salvador.
She can have problem (mostly with immigration) She can do…..ANYTHING.

My dad….
Is agreeable, peaceful, brave, likable, reliable…this can go on forever.
He had one favorite game….soccer
I never had a love for soccer I am more of a basketball person.
My dad can do….ANYTHING

My grandma……
Is hardworking, kind, caring, and most of all knowledgeable.
My grandma is nice and loving
I hope I can see her again but we live so far apart
My grandma can do…..ANYTHING

My great-grandma….
I never knew my great-grandma but I heard stories from my mom
that she was kind and loving I bet she can do….ANYTHING

My grandma….
is as bright as the sun and as pretty as a bed of roses.
Her stories would paint a picture of elves
dancing honey bees, singing and birds tweeting
My grandma can do…ANYTHING

My brothers
Are all alike I have three in all they love me and always are there for me.
I hope one day they will have their own hopes they can follow
But they can do…ANYTHING

My sisters
Are all different ages but they’re five in all, they all love me
I hope that one day they may do something special with their life
they can do….ANYTHING