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I Am Poem - Ali A.-S.

I Am Poem
By Ali A.-S.

I am free
I am free spirt
I am the wind
But sometimes I don't feel free
I feel like I'm following a yellow sidewalk
Like someone is whispering in my ear
Telling me what to do
A voice that is sometimes leading to good
And sometimes bad
Maybe that whispering voice is me

I am blessed
I am grateful
I am blessed with a good life
But others may not be
Others have struggled to get by there entire lives
I am blessed to be in this position
Blessed like a new born baby
And I am the child

I am emotional
I am angry
If you loose control of your emotions
They cloud your judgement
When I am angry I am a raging tornado
When I am angry I am a charging bull
But when I am calm I am a subtle cloud
My emotions are a cluster of thoughts
These thoughts never cooperate
They always argue
LIke a presidential debate going on in my Head
And I am the president

I am as Blessed as a man with a new life
I am free like a wild lion
I am angry like a fire but calm like still waters
I am me