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I Am Poem - Aria H. H.

A Melodious Tune
by Aria H.-H.

I am like a tropical tune
An extinct tune
A unique and exotic tune
A tune no one knows about

I love to play music
Hearing the music in my ears
Seeing the musical notes
Dance in my head

Music is much like life
Not always perfect
Changing it’s ways
And having little glitches

I am faithful to my God
Praising him in ways of music
Looking to Him in time when I feel lonely,
sad, or just hopeless
Looking to Him in ways of music helps me
In getting my feelings out
In a song that is beautiful and flowing with power

I am a unique little body
A person inside who has melodious blood,
A person inside
Who can be fascinating and kind-hearted
I, am like a tropical tune!