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I Am Poem - Jordan W.

I Am Poem 
by Jordan W. 

Though I am gullible and childlike just as a puppy, 
I may become very serious and thick-skinned in an instant.
I despise being weak or vulnerable, 
when I notice the feeling coming over me, I turn it into strength. 
Those are my fears & emotions.

Like you… I have dreams. 
I dream of traveling, modeling, and being a plastic surgeon. 
 I dream of living in a Tropical place or a rainforest.
 Which one is it going to be? These are my thoughts… 
Soon I will find out because it is in me. 
Some feel they know exactly what they are going to but, 
life has its twists & turns but always ends up working out for the best. 
 I am a dreamer.

I am me, myself, and I. 
Though I am energetic and athletic in ways, 
I can become very lazy and content. 
I am me and will not change for anyone. 
I do not follow the styles and fads like some others. 
I believe there is only one style you should follow… your own. 
 I am me, myself and I.
And most of all… I am ME!!!

There are people who look at bugs as necessary in nature, 
but in my opinion they are ruthless and gruesome. 
I’m clumsy; funny some may tease and think I’d be ashamed. 
 Well it is something I will not change. 
I am clumsy and funny and can laugh with joy at this part of me.

I am interesting. 
Singing, dancing, and shopping are most but something never to boast. 
People say they are interested in things and happenings but, 
you are never truly interested until you’ve felt like you have fallen in. 
Giving your attention and awareness to all aspects. I am interesting.

I am special. 
Special like a rare bird soaring through the sky. 
I shine bright like a diamond hard to see through. 
My skin is like soft, light toffee. Not too light… not to dark. 
The best of both worlds. 
The opportunity to be special is in every being … 
though some won’t notice while others do. 
Doesn’t matter because I am special.