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I Am Poem - Lucero R.

by: Lucero Rosales

I AM…..THE smallest pea in the pod
I am bright… being funny is my specialty.
My skin is like sand on the beach just waiting…
I can be very lazy like a custodian who hates to clean.
Though I still have to do it…I don’t want to.
May I be clumsy ? Clumsy is me.
I will be forever…forever is me
If you think… it isn’t so bad ,after all .
Dancing is amazing .As I leap I feel as light a feather.
I think to myself is this what I want to be? Yes, yes it is.
I want to be an artist when I grow up
I will want to draw and paint.
I will be me something that I want to be.
I will be me leave me be and of course,
I love to be me!