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I Am Poem - Nattida N.

I Am Poem

by Nattida N.

I am my Earth 

I am the sun to my Earth

I am the center of attention in my own space

Citizens thank me due to my creative daydreams

Rover Curiosity orbits around my Milky Way and my logical brain

My mind-where curiosity can roam free - is a path my personality takes

Curiosity tells me to find out, but curiosity killed the curious 

yet my satisfaction brought me back

I am always curious 

My head frantically explodes with curiosity!

“Hold your horses!” I tell curiosity

While curious daydreams collide with reality, 

my mind becomes full like a cloud full of water.

As my Milky Way Galaxy fill up my daydreams, 

more important thoughts such as school and common sense seems to float away.

I am Rover Curiosity, always on, never stops, and never runs out of batteries.