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I Am Poem - Trang V.*

I Am

by:Trang V.

I am a music note

The star of melodies

Till I break free

My feelings and emotion are like music dynamics

I am a music note

I am a waterfall

Full of fun

Musical notes flow through

Singing my word

My feeling, me

Getting the strength to go up

I am a waterfall

I’m the artist

The paint dances

The music is played

The microphone is used

I’m the artist

I’m a plant

Starting out as a seed

Now a full plant

Singing and humming

I’m the plant

I get frustrated

Frustrated of my

My friend’ my family, my hair

I  have buckets of tears in my blood

Boxes of sorrow in my soul

Containers of emotion in my face

I try not to show it but it leaks out

Flies out

Spills out

It wasn’t a mistake

It was born to be I get frustrated

I am trying

Trying to not let my friend and family down

Trying the be brave

Trying to not cry

Trying the finish

Trying to open up

I’m like climbing to the top

The top of the mountain, the hill till I’m there

At the top

Being proud

I start, finish, start, finish

Everyday, every night

Fighting every second to get to the top

To my goal, my life I am trying

I’m original

An original piece of music

Being played by many musicians

Being sang by many singers

I’m a bird looking for originality

I’m an original

I am me

I’m a music note

A waterfall

A plant

An original

I’m trying

I’m me