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Trang's Poems

“Through Him to Me”
by Trang Vu (Jan. 29, 2013)
This poem was inspired by a Hindu myth called the Great Dog we read in class, where a prince named Yudistira and his brother went on a trip to the heavens.  When he arrived at the gates of heaven he wasn’t allowed to take his dog Svana, but he was finally able to convince the gods to take his dog with him to the heavens.

Through his hand

He touched my paw

Hugged me when young

Holds me with love now


  Through his eyes

He cried for me

He begged for me

He loved me


  Through his soul

His courage stuck out

Like a shining star

Back then and now


  Through his mind

He thinks of me

He could have ended his dreams

Just for me

He begged

So I could go to heaven


  Through his love for me

He never wanted to leave me


  Through him to me

Living together happily

As God granted him and me

In the heavenlies


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