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I Am Poems by Ezra

by Ezra Muthiah

I Am Poem #1


Will someone ever know my secrets?

What a scary thought


No, that's not my only fear,

There's plenty more to come

But spiders, snakes, and moths

Aren't among

My long, long list of fears

Poem #2


I'm passionate

I'm passionate

I've got lots of things to love

Love acting,



And all of the above

I'm passionate about

Bringing this old world

Into an era of peace and love

Poem #3

Things I Hate


Things I hate

I don't hate people

I strongly dislike some, but no

I hate things

Things can be annoying

Like when that so-and-so

Is over there being mean

And you, you're getting blamed

When adults are all like don't do this

But says to Mrs. That-Girl

That's awesome, keep it up


No, that's not fair

Be fair,

Or I'll get irritated

I hate a lot of things

But try to keep them limited

And just move on

Just move on

Poem #4

Things I Care About


It’s painful to watch

Seeing how much they hurt

And we just stand here

Watching TV

Seeing the people in third world countries, starving to death

Or fleeing for their lives

They're about to die

I care about them

I don't want to keep sitting here

I want to do something

I want to help

I care