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I Am Poem by Simone N.

I Am Poem

Simone N.

I am a star

Far away

So simple, but so mysterious

Sometimes I shine bright, shooting across the dark night sky

But sometimes I fade, a little dot that people can barely see

I am frustrated

Frustrated with my life

Planning and worrying

Frustrated with my family

With my sister

Frustrated with me

I feel like sometimes I’m a bird, locked up in a cage

I am curious

Wondering and thinking

Long and deep thinking, not short and shallow thinking

When you are curious, it’s like you go to another place

A new place

You ask questions that no one knows the answer to

Yet, I am scared,

because curiosity killed the cat

Will it kill me, too?

My life is the soccer field, and I am the player

It is all up to me

I can keep going, to push on,

or I can make the goal right there

When I play my guitar, I go to another place

A place where I don’t have to worry

I just get lost in the magic of sound

It’s the same with books

I get transported to Middle Earth, or Hogwarts

I am